BLACK TO BLIND Follow up to 'De Profundis' - inhuman double bass drumming dominates this crushing slab of Morbid Angel-style death! Now considered to be the premiere death metal band in Europe, if not the world!!! DE PROFUNDIS Back in stock at last! Their magnificent second full length release of blasphemous death! KINGDOM Brand new mini-CD featuring a number of new tracks as well as several remixes of older songs. Suffocatingly evil! LIVE IN JAPAN All their most crushing numbers, captured live in the land of the rising sun! Includes covers of "Reign in Blood" and "Black Sabbath." REBORN IN CHAOS Early blasphemies unleashed for the first time on CD! You can't get to Hell without this! ULTIMATE INCANTATION Their long out-of-print debut, available again for a limited time! If you thought the new stuff was killer, this will totally crush you!!! HURRY! VALPURGA YANG VS. YIN Spastic, grinding hardcore with weird samples and sequencing and Oriental influences, from New York, on Spoth Records. VANITY ENSLAVED Mid-paced melodic metal from Greece with prominent use of piano. VARATHRON The re-issue of the legendary debut. Contains one unreleased bonus track all remastered with completely new cover and design. VARATHRON/NECROMANTIA SPLIT Two satan-worshipping bands on one CD! Necromantia employs varied instrumental/vocal elements, Varathron blasts straightforward death. VASSAGO KNIGHTS FROM HELL Elite blackened war metal from this battle hardened European horde! Features members of Lord Belial. VED BUENS ENDE WRITTEN IN WATERS On Misanthropy. Very eclectic, somber dirges. VEIL/DROWNING ROOM SPLIT EP Veil: straight edge moshcore from Germany; D.R.: metallic NY hardcore. VEIL OF SORROW DARK RIVERS Debut album from this gothic metal band. Similar to Paradise Lost, Tiamat and Anathema. VENDETTA GO AND LIVE… More old school ripping German thrash in the vein of Kill 'em all-era Metallica and Kreator! VENEFICUM DYSPHORIA United State's answer to Dimmu Borgir. Kind of a cross between early Cradle of Filth and new Dimmu Borgir while still having a fresh and original sound. VENOM

NEW, LIVE AND RARE Awesome collection of classic Venom tracks including unreleased live and studio material! Double CD set! WELCOME TO HELL The "Price Killer" version, containing the original Neat mastering and track listings. A must for true Venom legions!!!! VENEREAL DISEASE VERDICTS Over the top death metal from Germany. Reminds one of Cryptopsy at times as the blazing staccato riffs are backed by an unstoppable drumming monster. Sure to make any brutal death fan's genitals itch and burn with delight. VERMIN OBEDIENCE TO INSANITY Finally available again! A collection of early death/grind classics drawn from 1992-93. PLUNGE INTO OBLIVION Another Swedish heavy hitter...features a cover of "San Quentin" originally by Johnny Cash! SCUM OF THE EARTH Last copies! VESPERIAN SORROW BEYOND THE CURSED ECLIPSE Majestic black metal from Texas, on Displeased Records. VICTIMS NEVERENDINGLASTING Raging political hard core. In the vein of Krigshot. VIETNOM STRICTLY THE REAL Brutal New York hard core, in the vein of Mad Ball. Hip hop style lyrics coupled with some intense hardcore to. Guaranteed to keep the P.C. kids on red alert. VIGILANTE CHAOS-PILGRIMAGE Japanese power metal - very technically complex arrangements and superb notch! VIKING CROWN BANISHED RHYTHMIC HATE More lo-fi black metal grimness from Necrophagia and Gorelord members. INNOCENCE FROM HELL Rawer than humanly possible. Viking Crown features Anton Crowley of Necrophagia, and Killjoy himself on vocals.The result is a horrifyingly raw and sick example of primitive, evil, black metal. UNORTHODOX STEPS OF RITUAL Phil Anselmo's new lo-fi black metal project. If you missed out on Christ Inversion, here's your chance! VILE STENCH OF THE DECEASED An insanely over-the-top technical death masterpiece! VILKATES ANGELDUST AND BLASPHEMY German black metal awash in a sea of hatred and contempt for humanity! VIM PATIOR MAGNI NOMINIS UMBRA High speed galactic Polish black metal! VINTERLAND WELCOME MY LAST CHAPTER Fast, raging, melodic death from Sweden, similar to Dark Tranquillity or At The Gates. A must for fans of this style. On No Fashion. VINTERSORG COSMIC GENESIS Two man black metal horde from Germany. Lots of innovative work, using melody as well as the signature cold, bombastic, blackened, blasphemous, blasts. HEDNISIKHJARTAD Five tracks, 21 minutes of melodic Swedish black metal with very un-traditional clean, goth vocals and heavy use of synths. TILL FJALLS New full length from this one-man Swedish black metal massacre! All lyrics sung in the native tongue.

Various Artists - Va-Vin - Vio-Vz

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